22lb C4 L98 Bosch D3 Corvette 350 TPi

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Our 22lb TPI Fuel Injectors for Corvette Camaro L98 5.7/350 are meticulously remanufactured and rebuilt in our comprehensive fuel injector shop. Each injector is optimized in-house and flow-matched to within ±1% for precision. They have a flow rate of 22.3LB per hour or 232cc/min at 43.5Psi.

TPI adapters, as demonstrated in the video, are exclusive to SouthBay Fuel Injectors and are manufactured in the USA. These adapters do not alter the spray pattern. The Bosch Design 3 fuel injectors are 0.125 inches shorter than the standard Rochester/Multec TPI injectors. To address all fitment issues, we have designed a billet adapter that is pressed onto the bottom of the injector, making them the same length from o-ring to o-ring as the stock OEM/TPI injectors.

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