22Lb Corvette Camaro Firebird 5.7 TPi

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22LB Corvette Camaro Firebird 5.7 TPI 1986-1992 Fuel Injectors. Brand new replacement Delphi fuel injectors optimized in-house and flow-matched to within ±1%. They are compatible with all fuels, including oxygenated fuel with MTBE, and serve as an exact replacement for the GM-style Multec. The flow rate is 22.3LB/hour or 232cc/min at 43.5Psi. Top-feed disc injectors utilize multiple holes around their circumference. The disc, resting on a short chimney that encircles a metering hole, is lifted by magnetic force, allowing fuel to flow through the disc's holes, over the chimney walls, and out the metering hole, creating a full, finely atomized cone. This high-impedance injector is compatible with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers.

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