• MPI Top Feed Injectors Auto, Marine - $22.50
  • GDI Fuel Injectors - $25.00
  • Nissan Side Feed, Optimax Gas - $25.00   OptiMax Air $35.00
  • Yamaha HPDI Injectors - $25.00
  • Hose Feed Injectors - $30.00

What is referred as a re-manufactured or rebuilt fuel injector?
Remanufactured or Rebuilt is an industry term for refurbishing a fuel injector. The inner workings of the injector are ultrasonically cleaned while pulsing in the second stage bath. Refurbished, a better term means all removable part such as o rings, retainers and caps and seals are replaced.

Do you disassemble the fuel injector while refurbishing?
No, we do not disassemble the fuel injector during service. A fuel injector is a sealed unit and cannot be taken apart so the coil along with the nozzle valve will stay intact.

What is the cost of refurbishing a fuel injector?
Most common top feed fuel injectors can be brought back to like new condition for $20.00 per injector. Other injectors such as hose feed and side feed require more labor and as a result will cost a bit more. GDI injectors that require certain seals to be replaced along with the sophisticated flow bench used for testing direct injection units would also be a little higher. The overall cost is a fraction of replacement with a new injector.

How long does the cleaning process take and when will my Injectors be returned?
Turn-around time depends on several factors, including the shipping method you selected, the type of fuel injector and the current work load in the shop. In most cases it's 24/48 hours. Call us for the current Turn-Around times. We also post turn-around times on Facebook & Twitter.

Can I send my injectors in for service if they are still on the fuel rail?
No. we do not accept fuel injectors that are still attached to the rail. Please remove your injectors from the rail and leave all o-rings, spacers and grommets on for proper replacement.

How should I package and send the injectors to Southbay Fuel Injectors for service?
Wrap and place your fuel injector into zip lock bag. This helps to contain the fuel smell. Send them along with the Fuel Injector Service Form, wrap them in paper towel to protect them as broken injectors cannot be serviced.

Can you return the old used parts that have been replaced?
Yes we can upon request.

Do you service side-feed fuel injectors?
We only service Mercury OptiMax, GM TBI injectors and Nissan side feed fuel injectors.

Can I send my diesel injectors to you for service?
No, not at this time.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept online and phone orders via major credit cards along with PayPal.

Where do I send my fuel injectors to for service?
Our shop address is:

SouthBay Fuel Injectors 
566 Merrick Road, Suite 3 
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

I am ready to send my injectors to you for service. Is there anything else I need to do?
Please include a copy of your receipt if pre-paid to ensure we track your order and promptly return your completed fuel injectors. Also, state the make and model and if possible leave on all o-rings, spacers and caps for a proper replacement.

Print the Service Order Form Fill in your name, phone number and any other information along with an email address for return tracking. No need to send payment in advance, we'll call when the job is complete for payment and shipping. Insurance is at your reguest. Ask for a quote. Normal turnaround time is currently 1 to 2 days. Call for an update.

  • MPI Top Feed Injectors Auto, Marine - $22.50
  • GDI Fuel Injectors - $25.00
  • Nissan Side Feed, Optimax Gas - $25.00   OptiMax Air $35.00
  • Yamaha HPDI Injectors - $25.00
  • Hose Feed Injectors - $30.00
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