Fuel Injector Cleaning & Flow Testing Services

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With the introduction of ethanol in today's gasoline, fuel injector "maintenance" is the best routine for peak engine performance and fuel efficiency. Off the car fuel injector cleaning is a must. “Out-of-the can” cleaning simply won’t cut it, doing more harm than good. It’s a temporary fix that actually can put sediment and dirt into the miniscule filter inside each fuel injector. You change your oil filter, did you ever think about the filter inside the injector? At SouthBay Fuel injectors, we bring back 100 percent of the injector’s function and replace all parts including o-rings, printle caps, spacers and filters—at a fraction of the cost of buying new or rebuilt ones. Because at SouthBay, we use the latest ASNU Classic GDI Flow Bench's and our proven process to clean fuel injectors and restore them to 100% original condition. 

Flow Testing
Fuel Injector Cleaning
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