"I have SouthBay injectors in my car. They're awesome! A great deal!"

"Excellent customer service! A company you can trust! Thanks, SouthBay!"

". A+++They offer fast delivery to the UK and are great people to deal with/ Highly recommended++++."

"I highly recommend SouthBay Fuel Injectors. Bosch III's designed for our intakes. Their customer service is second to none."

"My engine refused to run properly. I installed the Yamaha Outboard injectors and now it flies. I can almost keep up with the bass boats in a 24' pontoon."

"I put the injectors in yesterday and my Camaro is back. She runs great!!! After dealing with the rough running and no start after hot for about a year now, it feels so good to get behind the wheel and not have to worry about any problems. Thank you, SouthBay Fuel Injectors."

"My car wouldn't go more than 45 mph but ran fine at idle. One injector wasn't even plugged in and I guess a couple more failed finally. Best money spent. SouthBay was great with price and service. Car runs like a champ now!"

"Did some searching and eventually found this forum and decided to order Bosch III injectors from SouthBay Injectors today. They were very helpful. Thank you SouthBay for taking the time to discuss my questions. I also saw your YouTube video and it is informative."

"Purchase a set of injectors for my wifes 1991 Corvette just got through installing them the car has never run as good as it does now, read a lot of reviews before I bought, and now I know why every one has nothing but good to say if I ever need injectors again I will be at your door step. Thanks SouthBay again for a great product. "

"I contacted SouthBay back when I was diagnosing my engine problems. They provided me with information and assistance that was very useful. Their responses were immediate. I made a purchase of new injectors and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator by phone. I made the order on a Tuesday, asking that I possibly receive my items by the Saturday, so I may have the weekend to work on my car. I was told, they will ship out AFTER the injectors are bench tested. I received my order on Friday afternoon. The staff at Southbay Fuel Injectors gets a thumbs-up in customer relations and service."

"I purchased some injectors from an on-line injector rebuild shop that I wasn't able to make contact with regarding the injectors they sold me. So I was pressed for time and called SouthBay Fuel Injectors explaining my concerns and questions about the injectors I had purchased from another vendor. They dug right in and helped me out in no time, easing my mind, and answering all my questions even though I hadn't bought them from SouthBay. That's top class stuff right there!! They helped me with my 92 TA, and when my 88 GTA needs some that will be the place I buy them from. Thanks again South Bay Fuel Injectors for your help!"

"I recently did business with SouthBay Fuel Injectors. I have to give them a big shout-out for the exceptional customer service they provided from the initial contact to placing the order and finally for the really fast shipping across the country. I ordered a remanufactured set of fuel injectors (Bosch IIIs) on Wednesday, February 29th and received the generous TGO member 10% discount. They were shipped the next day and received on Monday, March 5th in Salem, OR. The injectors got my '91 Z/28 with the 305 TPI engine running like it was designed to run when new. SouthBay Fuel Injectors are pros all the way and I highly recommend them if you need fuel injectors or any other products they may carry as they stand behind what they sell."

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