Sponsorship Policy

SouthBay Fuel Injectors Sponsorship Policy 2016 Season 

SouthBay Fuel Injectors, Inc. the "Sponsor" recognizes the importance of supporting those who support us and regularly partners with drivers and teams of high-profile vehicles to help the company gain visibility and exposure at race events and the media. 

All sponsorship inquiries must go through an in depth review process. Preference is given to those who demonstrate they can display reputability, professionalism, and who proved they can achieve success.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, SouthBay Fuel Injectors hasl instituted a policy which requires the completion of a formal, written proposal for the 2015 season so that we can give each request the proper attention and consideration that it deserves.


All proposals must include the following:

  • A picture of the proposed vehicle. Year, Make, Model & NHRA Class.
  • Accomplishments and past performances and future expectations.
  • List of events where and when the vehicle has and will appear.
  • Tell us how our Sponsorship would be beneficial to both parties

All proposals and applications must be e-mailed only in MSWord, PDF or PowerPoint to info@southbayfuelinjectors.com. No phone calls please, we will contact you.

You must Agree and Abide to the following:

  • All products supplied for the sponsored vehicle must be used solely for said vehicle and is not to be re-sold, transferred, held in storage or otherwise modified.
  • The sponsored vehicle must display a minimum of two decals. One on each side of the vehicle or a SouthBay Fuel Injectors windshield decal.
  • Replacement products will only be provided in the unlikely event of a manufacturer defect. 
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