Ready for a fuel injector replacement? These simple steps are a good place to start. First, look over your car's injection system. Some systems are easily accessible and others are practically buried. Plan your attack so your job can be organized.

However, before you begin the process of replacing or installing a fuel injector or fuel injection rail, think about safety:

  • Always keep fire safety in mind when you are working with fuel.
  • It's very important to follow the procedure for relieving fuel system pressure. This is very important.
  • Make sure to wear eye protection – even after you've released the pressure in the fuel injection system. There could be some fuel flying when you start disconnecting high pressure lines and removing injectors.

Because of the position of the fuel injectors in relation to the fuel rail, extreme care should be taken during installation so as not to damage the o-ring seals. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Prior to installation, use liquid soap to lubricate the o-rings. Petroleum based products have chemicals that get absorbed in the o-rings after a long period of time. The soap leaves no residue.
  • Use a rocking motion to install the o-ring in to the fuel rail and intake manifold. Never twist-in or "screw-in" the injector. This may cause scoring or cutting of the o-ring.

Problems with injectors immediately after installation are almost always due to improper installation which can ruin the o-rings. Always inspect the o-rings for damage before considering the injector itself to be defective.

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