Want to know how to remove fuel injectors? These simple steps are a good place to start. First, look over your car's injection system. Some systems are easily accessible and others are practically buried. Plan your attack so your job can be organized.

However, before you begin the process of removing the fuel injectors, think about safety:

  • Always keep fire safety in mind when you are working with fuel.
  • It's very important to follow the procedure for relieving fuel system pressure. This is very important.
  • Make sure to wear eye protection – even after you've released the pressure in the fuel injection system. There could be some fuel flying when you start disconnecting high pressure lines and removing injectors.

Once you've relieved the fuel system pressure, detach the ground battery cable. You're then ready to remove the fuel injector:

  • Remove anything that might interfere with the fuel injector's removal such as the engine cover, accessory brackets or air cleaner assembly components.
  • Unplug the wiring harness from the fuel injector you want to remove.
  • Locate the mounting screws of the fuel rail and unfasten the bolts.
  • Carefully lift the fuel rail as you pull the injectors from the intake manifold. Place clean shop rags on top of the intake injector openings to prevent contamination or small objects from falling inside the manifold.
  • Detach the injector from the fuel rail.
  • Store any seals, washers, boots or collars that might come off after pulling the injector off the fuel rail.

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