Fuel Injector Cleaning Service OptiMax Air UltraSonic

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OptiMax Air UltraSonic Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Using new OEM parts during the cleaning process is crucial for maintaining the injectors' performance and reliability. OEM parts are specifically designed and manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer for compatibility and optimal function. Using aftermarket or substandard parts may compromise the effectiveness of the cleaning and could lead to future issues with the injectors.

By cleaning the fuel injectors, you can remove buildup from the intake ports, valvetrain, and combustion chamber. This buildup can negatively impact engine performance by restricting airflow, disrupting fuel atomization, and causing inefficient combustion. Cleaning the injectors can improve horsepower, reduce harmful emissions, and optimize fuel efficiency.

Additionally, cleaning the fuel injectors can address various engine performance issues. Hesitation, poor fuel economy, and misfires can be caused by clogged or inefficiently operating injectors. Cleaning them can help restore proper fuel delivery and improve engine responsiveness.

Overall, a fuel injector cleaning service for marine engines is a crucial maintenance procedure that should be performed regularly to ensure optimal engine performance, reduce emissions, and prevent potential issues.

Seal Kit Part No: 26-804875. 

Mercury OptiMax Fuel Injector Clecaning and Flow Test

Optimax Air Injectors in different stages of failure. The injector on the left operates as it should.


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