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Hose Feed UltraSonic Injector Cleaning Service and Flow Testing

This fuel injector cleaning service cleans, tests and restores your marine fuel injectors in just a day or two. Over time, harmful contaminants will build up on the fuel injectors and carbon deposits may build up in the engine. This affects the performance and longevity of your engine. Our professional marine fuel injector cleaning service will remove these deposits to restore your engine's performance. Fill out the Service Order Form and send in with injectors. Please include your name, address phone number and email address for return tracking. No need to send payment in advance. You will be contacted after the service is completed for payment and shipping. Insurance is at your request, ask for a quote. 

Dirty or clogged injectors can lead to reduced fuel economy, low RPMs, hard or rough starting. Any irregularity in the flow of the injectors can affect the entire engine's management system, causing a noticeable deterioration in performance. Before they leave our shop, we:

  • Clean and degrease the injector.
  • Resistance test.
  • Remove all external components.
  • Perform a three-step ultrasonic cleaning and reverse / back flush.
  • Spray pattern & leakdown test / 80psi.
  • Flow rate test before and after with report showing the improvement.
  • Install all new components: new bio fuel hose, seals, caps and o-rings.

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