Ford 3.0 Fuel Injector Set 1986-1995

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Guaranteed Fitment: The fuel injectors are designed to fit 01-07 Dodge Jeep Ram 4.7 V8 engines.

Remanufactured and Rebuilt: The fuel injectors have been refurbished and restored to a like-new condition.

Cleaning and Testing: The fuel injectors have undergone multiple cleaning and testing processes before being listed for sale.

Replacement of Parts: All new top-quality replaceable parts such as o-rings, filters, seals, and any other necessary components are used to ensure the fuel injectors are ready for installation.

Plug and Play: The fuel injectors are designed for easy installation without requiring any modifications or additional parts.

Flow Matching: The injectors are flow matched in-house both statically and dynamically to ensure consistent performance. They are matched within ±1% or better tolerance.

  • Sold in Complete Sets: The fuel injectors are sold as complete sets, which typically include all the injectors required for a particular engine.

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