Denso (F) to Honda (M) OBD2 Wire Connector Clip

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The Denso (F) to Honda (M) OBD2 Wire Connector Clip is designed to facilitate the connection between a Denso (Female) connector and a Honda OBD2 (Male) connector. Here are some details about this connector clip:

  • Connector Compatibility: The Denso (F) connector is a specific type of connector used by Denso fuel injectors or other Denso components. The Honda (M) connector refers to the OBD2 connector found in Honda vehicles.

  • Wire Connector Clip: This connector clip is designed to securely connect the Denso (F) connector to the Honda (M) OBD2 connector. It serves as an intermediary connection to ensure proper communication and compatibility between the Denso component and the Honda vehicle's electronic systems.

  • OBD2 Compatibility: The Honda (M) OBD2 connector is a standardized diagnostic connector used in vehicles to communicate with onboard diagnostic systems. This connector clip allows the Denso component to interface with the Honda vehicle's OBD2 system.

  • Application: The Denso (F) to Honda (M) OBD2 Wire Connector Clip is specifically designed for applications where a Denso component, such as a fuel injector, needs to be connected to a Honda vehicle's OBD2 system. It ensures proper connection and functionality between the two components.

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