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The 850cc fuel injectors designed for the BMW E36 M3 are specifically engineered to maintain precise control over fuel delivery and atomization. These injectors offer several features and benefits for high-performance off-road applications. Here are the key details:

  1. Precise Fuel Control: The 850cc fuel injectors ensure accurate and consistent fuel delivery, which leads to increased power output, improved throttle response, and enhanced fuel economy. They are optimized in-house and dynamically flow matched to ensure uniform performance.

  2. EV-14 Technology: These injectors utilize EV-14 technology, which refers to the injector type and its electrical characteristics. EV-14 injectors are known for their reliability, consistent performance, and precise fuel metering.

  3. Bosch Saturated High Resistance: The injectors feature Bosch saturated high resistance design, meaning they do not require inline resistors or a resistor box for operation. This simplifies the installation process.

  4. Extenders and Pigtails Included: The package includes extenders and pigtails necessary for the installation of the fuel injectors. These components ensure a proper fit and electrical connection.

  5. Flow Data and Dead Times: The included flow data and dead times provide crucial information for fuel map calibration and tuning. They help optimize the performance of the injectors in the specific application.

  6. High Impedance Design: These injectors are high impedance, allowing for compatibility with the vehicle's stock electrical system without requiring any modifications.

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