750cc Lucas Low Impedance / Peak & Hold

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750cc Low Impedance Disc Type Fuel Injector. 

When purchased in sets they will be flow matched to within 1% or less. All of our injectors, when purchased in sets, are guaranteed to flow within 1% or less and are rated at 43.5psi. Provides precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for increased power, improved throttle response, and better fuel economy. Brand new fuel injectors that are a great replacement for the out of date Rochester/Multec low z fuel injectors. If you are running the older style injectors you will be amazed at the performance of these new injectors.

High boost and other applications that require low impedance fuel injectors will benefit most by switching out your old injectors with a brand new set of 750cc fuel injectors. Some low z ecu's may requier a driver box


Resistance: 2.9
60mm o-ring to o-ring
EV1 Jetronic connector
750cc at 43.5Psi/3Bar

All Fuel Compatible. Requires use of resistor box  Price is for (1) injector  Fuel injectors can be used in both Domestic and Import applications. Please specify application at checkout or you can always call us with any questions at 516-442-4707        

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