60lb Siemen Deka High Impedance Fuel Injectors

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60lb High Impedance Fuel Injectors Ford Racing / Sieman Deka 

Deka injectors are linear and controllable at all pulse widths. This allows you to use a larger injector than normal without suffering idle and low speed drivability. Meticulously optumized in house and flow matched dynamically to within 1%. This high-impedance Saturated fuel injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers. 

These 60lb fuel injectors are able to run at high fuel pressures up to 6 bar making them suitable for turbocharged applications with high boost. 

Wire clips are furnished for all other European / Asian applications at no extra charge.


  • Static Flow Rate (GAS): 62.7 lb/hr  = 646 cc/min = 474 g/min
  • Dynamic Flow Rate: 2.5ms PW @ 100Hz (GAS)
  • 20.2mg/pulse Gain: 0.11ms/mg
  • Offset: 0.055ms @ 43.5psi
  • Resistance12 Ohms

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