550cc Mitsubishi EVOX SouthBay Fuel Injectors

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550cc MITSUBISHI EVOX 2008 - 2016 SouthBay Fuel Injectors are stainless steel SS injectors that feature their "TruFlow" technology. These injectors offer precise control of fuel delivery a nd atomization, which can result in increased power, improved throttle response, and better fuel economy.

Here are the specifications of the SouthBay TruFlow 550cc Fuel Injectors:

  • Flow Rate: 550cc/min at 43.5 PSI (3 BAR)
  • Latency (Dead Time): 0.450 at 14 volts
  • Tested Resistance: 12.5 Ohms
  • Voltage Range: 8-15 Volts, Nominal 13.5 Volts
  • Amperage: 1.0 Amps
  • Pressure Range: Minimum 36 PSI (2.5 bar), Maximum 101 PSI (7 bar)

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