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440cc Bosch Honda/Acura B16 B18 B20 1992-2000

This is the fuel injector that took the place of the legendary 42LB “Green Top” that is no longer in production. They are direct from Bosch so you can be confident that they are the genuine article, no offshore here. Manufactured with an innovated 4 hole spray design that provides excellent fuel atomization and fuel economy. The fuel injector’s pictured here are fitted for the Honda B & H series but will also work well with the Honda D & G and many other applications.

  • 440 cc/min @ 43.5psi / 3 Bar
  • Resistance: 14 ohms
  • Voltage: 8-15 Volts, 13.5V
  • Nominal Amperage: 1.0 Amps
  • Pressure: Min 30PSIG / Max 100PSIG
  • Nozzle Design: Multi-hole disc Connector Type: OBD1 

A set of 4 injectors are good for up to 320hp at a B.S.F.C of 0.45 at 80% duty cycle. All Fuel Injectors Include Plug n Play wire clips.

Please choose OBD1 or OBD2 from the drop down box for your application. Compatible with all known fuels


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