42lb 5.7 L98 Camaro Firebird Corvette TPi

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The 42LB Camaro Firebird Corvette L98 Lt1 fuel injectors the following features:

Flow Matched: The injectors are optimized in-house and flow matched to within ±1%. This ensures that each injector delivers an equal amount of fuel, promoting balanced fuel delivery among the engine cylinders. Balanced fuel delivery is important for consistent engine performance and smooth operation.

Flow Rate: The flow rate of these injectors is 22.3LB/Hour or 232cc/mn at 43.5 psi GM pressure. This indicates the amount of fuel that each injector can deliver within a specified time period. This flow rate is higher than the stock Rochester/Multec TPi injectors, indicating increased fuel delivery capability.

Plug and Play Installation: These injectors are designed to be a direct replacement for the stock Rochester/Multec TPi injectors. They are designed to fit and function without requiring any modifications, milling, or spacers. This plug and play design allows for easy installation by plugging the injectors into the existing wiring harness, making the upgrade process simpler.

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