4.5-4.9 Chevy GM Fuel Injectors 1990-1995

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The 22lb fuel injectors for the 1990-1995 GM 4.5 - 4.9 V8 engines, specifically the Bosch D3 upgrade, offer several improvements over the older injectors. These injectors feature 4-hole spray tips, which enhance fuel atomization compared to the stock injectors. The improved atomization leads to benefits such as better cold starts, enhanced throttle response, and smoother idle.

To ensure the injectors' performance and reliability, all new parts, including filters, viton O-rings, and retainers, have been installed. This comprehensive replacement of key components helps to maintain optimal fuel delivery and minimize the risk of leakage or failure.

The flow rate of these injectors is rated at 22lb at 43.5 psi (3bar). This specification indicates the amount of fuel the injectors can deliver under a specific pressure condition. It is important to note that the flow rate has been balanced and calibrated to provide consistent fuel delivery across all cylinders. This flow balancing process, performed in-house using the latest ASNU machine, ensures that each cylinder receives the same amount of fuel. This uniform fuel distribution is essential for achieving optimum engine performance.

By upgrading to the 22lb Bosch D3 fuel injectors, you can expect improved fuel atomization, resulting in benefits such as better cold starts, enhanced throttle response, and smoother idle. The inclusion of all new parts and the flow balancing process further ensure the reliability and performance of these injectors.

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