24lb 5.7 LT1 350 SouthBay Fuel Injectors

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24lb Bosch D3 LT1 fuel injectors 5.7/350 Flow tested and matched in house. 4-spray pattern and offer higher pulse rates and more efficient fuel atomization for improved performance. Injectors . 

Any non-essential components are removed. A resistance test is performed on the coil of the fuel injector to verify its functionality. The fuel injector undergoes a three-step ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves to agitate a cleaning solution, effectively removing contaminants from the injector. A reverse back flush is performed on the fuel injector. This process involves flushing a cleaning solution through the injector in the opposite direction of fuel flow to dislodge and remove any foreign particles or debris.  A leak down test is conducted on the fuel injector at 80 psi, which is twice the normal operating pressure. This test helps ensure that the injector does not have any leaks and can operate properly under pressure.

All replaceable parts such as O-rings, filters, and seals are replaced with new top-quality components. Additionally, any other necessary parts are replaced to ensure the fuel injector is ready for installation.

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