2200cc Honda / Acura K20 K24 2.0 2.4

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2200cc Bosch EV14 fuel injectors are high-performance injectors known for their precise fuel delivery and flow matching capabilities. Here are some key features of these injectors:

  • Flow Matched: The injectors are flow matched dynamically to within ±1%. Flow matching is a process in which each injector is individually tested and calibrated to ensure that they all deliver the same amount of fuel. This promotes balanced fuel distribution among the engine's cylinders, optimizing performance and reducing the likelihood of uneven fueling issues.

  • Precise Fuel Delivery: The Bosch EV14 injectors are designed to provide precise control over fuel delivery. This precision helps in achieving consistent and accurate fueling, which can enhance engine performance, throttle response, and fuel efficiency.

  • High Flow Capacity: With a flow rate of 2200cc, these injectors have a high fuel flow capacity. This makes them suitable for high-performance applications where increased fuel delivery is required, such as in turbocharged or supercharged engines or engines with aftermarket modifications.

  • Bosch EV14 Technology: The injectors are built on the Bosch EV14 technology platform, which is known for its reliability and performance. EV14 injectors are commonly used in high-performance applications due to their superior atomization and response characteristics.

  • Wide Fuel Compatibility: The Bosch EV14T injectors are compatible with a variety of fuels, including gasoline, ethanol blends (such as E85), and other alternative fuels. This compatibility allows for flexibility in fuel choice and supports engine setups that require different fuel types.

  • Suitable for High-Performance Engines: These injectors are often chosen for high-performance engines where precise fuel control and higher fuel flow rates are necessary. Whether it's a naturally aspirated setup or a forced induction system, the 2200cc capacity and flow matching ensure that each cylinder receives the required fuel for optimal performance.

It's worth noting that the specific application and engine requirements should be considered when selecting and installing fuel injectors. Tuning and calibration may be necessary to optimize the fueling for a specific engine setup and achieve the desired performance goals.

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