15lb Audi A4 2.8 V6 1996-1997

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Audi A4 2.8L v6 1996-1997

 The 4 spray pattern will improve performance and provide more efficient fuel atomization. Will fit: Audi A4 2.8L v6 1996-1997

We Clean, degrease and stripe of all removable parts. A Resistance test is performed to test the coil. Three step ultrasonic cleaning and reverse back flush to remove all foreign partials within the fuel injector is completed. A leak down test at 80psi, twice the normal operating pressure. All new top quality parts that are replaceable such as o-rings, filters, seals along with any additional part needed to assure that your fuel injector is ready to be installed, plug and play.

All injectors are flow matched in house both statically and dynamically to within ±1% or better and are sold in complete sets.

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