1650cc Honda Acura B, D, H

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SouthBay 1650cc Bosch fuel injector is designed specifically for Honda/Acura B16, B18, and B20 engines. Here's some information about these injectors:

  • Precise Fuel Control: The SouthBay 1650cc fuel injector is engineered to maintain precise control over fuel delivery. This level of control ensures accurate and consistent fuel flow, which is crucial for optimized engine performance.
  • High Flow Capacity: With a flow rate of 1650cc per minute, these injectors have a high fuel flow capacity. This makes them suitable for high-performance applications where increased fuel delivery is required, such as in turbocharged or supercharged engines or engines with extensive modifications.
  • Bosch Technology: The injectors utilize Bosch technology, a renowned brand known for its quality and reliability in the automotive industry. Bosch fuel injectors are widely used and trusted for their performance and durability.
  • Compatible with Honda/Acura B16, B18, B20 Engines: These injectors are specifically designed for the B16, B18, and B20 engine platforms used in Honda and Acura vehicles. They are engineered to provide the appropriate fuel flow and atomization characteristics required by these engines.
  • Optimal Performance: By ensuring accurate and consistent fuel delivery, these injectors contribute to optimal engine performance. They help promote improved power output, throttle response, and fuel efficiency.

It's important to note that when installing higher-capacity fuel injectors like the 1650cc ones, proper tuning and calibration are essential to ensure the engine's fueling requirements are met. It's recommended to consult with a qualified tuner or technician who can adjust the fuel maps and other parameters to optimize the engine's performance with the new injectors.

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