1200cc Honda / Acura K20 K24 2.0 2.4 SouthBay Fuel Injectors

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  • Precise Fuel Control: The SouthBay 1200cc fuel injectors are engineered to maintain precise control of fuel delivery and atomization. This level of control ensures accurate and consistent fuel flow, resulting in improved power, throttle response, and fuel economy.

Stainless Steel Construction: The injectors are made of stainless steel, providing durability and corrosion resistance. This ensures their performance and longevity even in harsh engine bay conditions.

Fuel Compatibility: These injectors are compatible with a wide range of fuels, including gasoline, ethanol blends (such as E85), and oxygenated fuels with additives like MTBE, FTW, Q16, M5, and C45. This broad fuel compatibility allows for flexibility in fuel choice, catering to different engine setups and tuning requirements.

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