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1200cc HONDA/ACURA B16 B18 B20.

The Honda/Acura B16, B18, and B20 engines are well-known engine platforms used in various Honda and Acura vehicles. The fuel injectors described are aftermarket injectors designed to replace the stock injectors in these engines. Here's some information about these injectors:

Precise Control: The injectors are designed to maintain precise control of fuel delivery and atomization. This leads to improved power and throttle response, which can enhance the engine's overall performance.

Flow Matching: The injectors are optimized and flow matched dynamically to ensure accuracy within ±1%. This means that each injector in a set has been tested and adjusted to flow the same amount of fuel, providing consistent fuel delivery across all cylinders.

Stainless Steel Construction: The injectors are made of stainless steel, which offers durability and corrosion resistance. This ensures that the injectors can withstand the harsh conditions inside the engine bay and maintain their performance over time.

Fuel Compatibility: The injectors are compatible with various fuels, including oxygenated fuel with E85, MTBE, FTW, Q16, M5, and C45 Bosch EV-14. This broad fuel compatibility allows for flexibility in fuel choice and can cater to different engine setups and tuning requirements.

Saturated High-Resistance Injectors: These injectors are categorized as saturated high-resistance injectors. This means that they do not require inline resistors or a resistor box for use. They can be directly controlled by the engine's stock fuel injector driver without any additional wiring modifications.

Extenders and Pigtails: The injectors come with extenders and pigtails to facilitate installation. The extenders allow for proper fitment and clearance in the fuel rail, while the pigtails provide the necessary electrical connections to the engine's wiring harness.

Flow Data: Each set of injectors is accompanied by flow data, which provides detailed

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