1200cc 5.3 Chevy Nova LS Swapped SouthBay Fuel Injectors

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1200cc LS Swapped Nova 5.3 Terminator X Fuel Injectors

The SouthBay "TruFlow" 1300cc Stainless Steel Fuel Injectors are designed to provide precise control of fuel delivery and atomization, resulting in increased power and improved throttle response. These injectors have been optimized in-house and flow matched dynamically to ensure consistency, with a tolerance of within ±1%. Each set of injectors comes with a full data sheet that provides detailed information about their specifications.

These injectors are made of stainless steel and are compatible with all known fuels, including oxygenated fuel with additives such as MTBE, FTW, Q16, M5, and C45. They are built to withstand pressures greater than 7 Bar, making them suitable for boosted motors.

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