1050cc LS3, LS7, LS9, L76, L92, L99 SouthBay Fuel Injectors

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  • High Impedance Bosch Cores: The injectors utilize high impedance Bosch cores, which provide excellent performance and compatibility with the stock electrical system. This eliminates the need for modifications to the electrical setup.
  • Precise Fuel Control: The fuel injectors are optimized and dynamically flow matched to ensure precise control of fuel delivery and atomization. This optimization process ensures uniform performance across all injectors and enhances the overall engine performance.
  • Flow Matched to within ±1%: Each set of injectors is flow matched to within ±1%, ensuring consistent fuel delivery and balancing across all cylinders. This helps maintain proper air-fuel ratios and engine performance.
  • Compatibility with Various Fuels: The 1050cc fuel injectors are compatible with a wide range of fuels, including the mentioned oxygenated fuels (E85, MTBE, FTW, Q16, M5, C45). This versatility allows for flexibility in fuel choice and tuning options.
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