1000cc Honda / Acura B, D, H

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  • High Flow Capacity: These injectors boast a flow rate of 1000cc per minute, enabling enhanced fuel delivery over standard injectors. This feature renders them ideal for high-performance scenarios requiring more fuel, such as turbocharged, supercharged, or extensively modified engines.

    Pressure Capability: Designed to endure pressures beyond 7 Bar, these injectors are apt for high-performance off-road applications where fuel pressures substantially exceed those in standard settings. This robust pressure tolerance equips the injectors to manage the rigors of forced induction and other performance upgrades.

    Fuel Compatibility: The SouthBay 1000cc injectors can operate with a variety of fuels, including gasoline, ethanol mixes, and other alternative fuels. Such versatility facilitates adaptability in fuel selection to accommodate diverse engine configurations and tuning prerequisites.

    High-Performance Off-Road Applications: Tailored for high-performance off-road use, these injectors are built to withstand the additional challenges posed by rugged terrain, extreme temperatures, and heightened engine stress. The 1000cc SouthBay injectors are engineered to sustain dependable fuel supply in demanding off-road conditions.

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