1000cc Honda / Acura B, D, H SouthBay Fuel Injectors

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  • High Flow Capacity: These injectors have a flow rate of 1000cc per minute, allowing for increased fuel delivery compared to stock injectors. This makes them suitable for high-performance applications where a greater volume of fuel is required, such as in turbocharged, supercharged, or heavily modified engines.

  • Pressure Capability: The injectors are designed to withstand pressures exceeding 7 Bar. This high-pressure capability makes them suitable for high-performance off-road applications, where fuel pressures can be significantly higher than in regular applications. With this capability, the injectors can handle the demands of forced induction or other performance enhancements.
  • Fuel Compatibility: The SouthBay 1000cc injectors are compatible with various fuels, including gasoline, ethanol blends, and other alternative fuels. This compatibility allows for flexibility in fuel choice, catering to different engine setups and tuning requirements.
  • High-Performance Off-Road Applications: These injectors are specifically mentioned as suitable for high-performance off-road applications. Off-road environments can impose additional demands on fuel injectors due to rough terrain, extreme temperatures, and increased stress on the engine. The 1000cc SouthBay injectors are designed to meet these demands and provide reliable fuel delivery in off-road settings.
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