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The 1000cc fuel injectors designed for the BMW E36 M3 are part of the Bosch EV-14 line. They are classified as saturated high resistance injectors, which indicates that they operate at high impedance. These injectors offer several features and components for convenient installation and accurate tuning. Here are the key details:

  • Bosch EV-14 Technology: The injectors utilize Bosch EV-14 technology, which ensures reliable and consistent performance. EV-14 injectors are known for their precision and accuracy in fuel delivery.
  • Saturated High Resistance: The injectors operate at high impedance, which means they have high resistance. This allows them to work directly with the vehicle's stock electrical system without requiring additional resistors or modifications.
  • Extensions and Clips: The package includes extensions and clips necessary for the installation of the fuel injectors. These components ensure proper fitment and secure connections during installation.
  • Flow Data and Dead Times: The injectors come with flow data and dead times. This information is crucial for calibrating fuel maps and optimizing engine performance. It helps ensure precise fuel delivery and accurate tuning.
  • In summary, the 1000cc fuel injectors designed for the BMW E36 M3 are part of the Bosch EV-14 line and are categorized as saturated high resistance injectors. They operate at high impedance and offer convenient installation with included extensions and clips. The package also includes flow data and dead times for accurate tuning. These features make them suitable for enhancing the fuel delivery and performance of the E36

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