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UltraSonic Fuel Injector Cleaning Service
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UltraSonic Fuel Injector Cleaning Service 

Each set of fuel injectors sent to our shop for cleaning service persists through a careful and exact in house service utilizing top industry ASNU fuel injector test benches that permit us to outwardly check injectors for any manifestations, for example, poor, defective, grimy, clogged and leaking nozzles. 

All fuel injectors sent to Southbay Fuel Injectors are tried before any service starts. These benchmark results will be incorporated on the before testing piece of the final report. At that point, they are degreased and stripe of all removable parts. A rResistance test is performed to test the loop.

Three stage ultrasonic cleaning and turn around back flush to evacuate all remote partials inside the fuel injector is completed. A leakdown test at 80psi, double the typical working pressure, is trailed by introducing all-new top-quality parts such as O-rings, filters and seals, plus any extra part required to guarantee your fuel injector is prepared to be installed, plug and play.

Before & After. 5.7 GM filmed at SouthBay Fuel Injectors

Injector Service Instructions for mail in:

  1. Remove injectors from rail
  2. Number injectors (optional) and place in a zip-top bag.
  3. Print and fill out the Service Order Form and send in with injectors. Please include your name, phone number and email address for return tracking. No need to send payment in advance. You will be billed after the job is completed.

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