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Click & Print our Service Form. Fill in your name, phone number and give us an eMail address for return tracking. No need to send payment in advance, we'll call when the job is complete. 

Here are some of your options

Cleaner in a can - While these options are cheap, they may more harm than good. Oxygen sensors and your catalytic converter due to the harsh chemicals. There is also no way to know if your injectors were actually cleaned. Also, these liquid pour in cleaners will break loose hardened debris in the fuel system that will eventually clog the injectors.

On-Vehicle cleaning (common shop or dealer option) - By forcing a cleaning solution into the fuel rail in an attempt to clean the injectors while the engine is running. This causes a lot of smoke giving the customer the impression that something “magical” is taking place. Again, without visual confirmation that the injectors are up to spec.

Professional cleaning (off the vehicle) - This is our method and the only way to test & service injectors. We are able to measure the exact injector flow and spray pattern over a wide range of operating conditions. SouthBay Fuel Injectors has the equipment and technical knowhow to assure your injectors are up to OEM spec and are operating at maximum performance for less than the cost of replacing a single injector.