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GDI Direct Injection Clean & Flow Test
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GDI Gasoline Direct Injection Clean & Flow Test | Injector cleaning service. 

SouthBay Fuel Injectors has the gear and parts to service GDI injectors and keep them at top performance. All GDI injector service incorporates replacing the Teflon seal that is an unquestionable requirement each one time the injector is removed and blow by is present alongside new o-ring seals.

All units are ultrasonically cleaned & back flushed. Injectors are electrical resistance tested. Flow and calibration tested. Fuel spray patterns are verified. Every unit is triple leak tested. New o-rings, filters and seals are installed. Fill out this form and send it with your injectors to be serviced. Ww'll call when ready to be shipped out and payment

SouthBay Fuel Injectors is driven to deliver superior performance and outstanding customer service–at a competitive price. We're the leading supplier of OEM, TPI and high-performance gasoline fuel injectors and cleaning services for automotive, marine and motorcycles. Our new and remanufactured fuel injectors come with a three-year, no-questions-asked warranty that our competitors simply can’t match.

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