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60lb Siemen Deka Saturated Fuel Injectors
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60lb High Impedance Fuel Injectors Ford Racing / Sieman Deka 

Ford Motorsport Deka injectors are linear and controllable at all pulse widths. This allows you to use a larger injector than normal without suffering idle and low speed drivability. We offer the finest race recognized fuel injectors for your money in the marketplace today. Meticulously optumized in house and flow matched dynamically to within 1%. Full data sheet provided with each set. This high-impedance Saturated fuel injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers. 

These 60lb fuel injectors are able to run at high fuel pressures up to 6 bar making them suitable for turbocharged applications with high boost. Will fit Ford, Dodge, GM TBI, TPI, L98, LT1, LT4, LS1, some LS2, and some LS6. BMW, Honda, Mitsbishi. Also available with the EV6 / USCAR connector.

Wire adapter / clips are furnished for all other European / Asian applications at no extra charge.


  • Static Flow Rate (GAS): 62.7 lb/hr  = 646 cc/min = 474 g/min
  • Dynamic Flow Rate: 2.5ms PW @ 100Hz (GAS)
  • 20.2mg/pulse Gain: 0.11ms/mg
  • Offset: 0.055ms @ 43.5psi
  • Resistance12 Ohms

Available in 37mm(pico) and 60mm(standard) leangth injector. EV1 or EV6 connectors. Sets of 4, 6. & 8 These fuel injectors are well suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications.    

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