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550CC BOSCH AUDI A6 2.7LT 2000-04
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    550CC AUDI 2.7T A6 2.7L  turbo Set of 6

    PnP Audi A6 2.7 We offer the finest race proven fuel injectors for your money in the marketplace today. Optimized in house and flow matched dynamically to within ±1%. Full data sheet provided with each set.

    550cc/min at 43.5 PSI (3 BAR)
    Latency (Dead Time): 0.65 at 14 volts
    Tested Resistance: 12.5 Ohms
    Voltage: 8-15 Volts, Nominal 13.5 Volts
    Amperage: 1.0 Amps
    Pressure: Min. 36 PSI (2.5 bar), Max. 101 PSI (7 bar)

    Excellent fuel atomization - Excellent linearity Low end pulse width accurate to within 1% down to 2ms. This Bosch injector will not require more than 1% trim

    Static Flow Rate: 52.0 lb/hr @ 43.5PSI (300kPa) 550cc/min or 6.4gm/sec 
    Static Flow Rate: 59.7 lb/hr @ 58.0PSI (400kPa) 630cc/min or 7.4gm/sec 
    Dynamic Flow Rate 2.5ms pulse width and 10ms repetition rate @ 43.5PSI (300KPa): 1.1 gm/pulse 
    Dynamic Flow Rate 2.5ms pulse width and 10ms repetition rate @ 58.0PSI (400KPa): 1.3 gm/pulse
    Cone Spray Angle = 20-22 degrees - single spray cone.

    Ford Racing Bosch Fuel Injector for High Performance Offroad applications. This injector will withstand pressures in excess of 7 Bar making them suitable for boosted motors. All fuel capability. For use on domestic and import off road applications. Available in 48mm and 60mm lengths. For Highly Modified Engines. 

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    Brand Audi