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42lb Mustang SVT Cobra 4.6 (Supercharged)
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    42lb Ford Racing Fuel Injectors p/n 0280156127

    Brand New Ford Racing Fuel Injectors are great injectors for a Supercharged Mustang Cobra 4.6 . Fits: SVO, Cobra, V6, Mach 1, Bullitt, GT500, Boss Mustangs. These injectors are rated at 39lbs @ 39psi (2.7bar Ford psi) and 42lbs @ 43.5psi (3bar GM psi) Saturated/High Impedance 14.5ohms

    Note: 1986-1995 GT, 1996-2004 4.6L 2V & 1996-1998 4.6L 4V Mustangs require EV1 plug and play wire adapter / clip. Fuel injectors are best with highly modified engines 350hp to 500hp

    Set of (8) Fuel Injectors and are All Fuel Compatible. Three (3) year no questions asked warranty.  

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