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2200CC AUDI S4 2.7 V6 TT TURBO 2000-05
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    2200CC AUDI S4 2.7 V6 TT TURBO 2000-05

    Optimized and flow matched dynamically to within ±1%. Full data sheet provided with each set. Fuel injectors are able to function at high fuel pressures and don’t exhibit the high fuel pressure handling problems found with many other high flow high-impedance injectors. This makes these injectors very well suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications that see high fuel system pressures.

    • Coil Resistance: 9.1 Ohms / High Impedance
    • Dead Time: 0.45ms at 14 volts
    • Static Flow Rate @ 43.5 PSI ( 300kPa ) w/Gas: 2200 cc/min = 210 lb/hr
    • Static Flow Rate @ 58 PSI ( 400kPa ) w/Gas: 2550 cc/min = 240 lb/hr
    • Static Flow Rate @ 78.5 PSI ( 500kPa ) w/Gas: 2865 cc/min = 273 lb/hr

    Acceptable Fuels: Gas/Petrol, alcohol/methanol, E85, CN (Although these injectors are advertised only to work with CNG however many in the automotive industry also use these with Gas/Petrol, alcohol/methanol, E85 type fuels) Unacceptable Fuels: Gas/Petrol containing for MTBE, specifically for VP Q16 and VP Import or other MTBE oxygenated fuels.

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    Brand Audi