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1200cc Bosch Fuel Injector Chevrolet Set of 8
SKU: 3404



1200cc Bosch High Impedance Chevrolet Fuel Injector Set of 8

 Sets or 8 Flow Matched to within ±1%  Will fit Ford, Chevy, GM sandard length and all imports. Specify or call.

You are purchasing a Brand New set of custom manufactured Bosch EV14 Fuel Injector. 48mm oring to oring. Can be set up for 60mm oring to oring (standard length) 1200cc EV14 fuel injector.

1200cc at 3.5 Bar/ 50 psi Injector type: EV-14, saturated High resistance, no inline resistors or resistor box required for use. Extenders and pigtails for your installation included in the price along with flow data and dead times.  High Impedance injector for use with stock computers. This fuel injector will fit domestic and import off road use vehicles. Please specify application!   60mm Hight  Adapter in purple, red or black  


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Brand Chevrolet